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Frank Rao

Frank has been featured in various publications for his unique artwork. Below are a list of some of the publications along with a few lines taken from the respective articles.

....To add more of the faux iron element to the room a curved niche in one of the walls was painted with a mural, designed as if viewer were looking out over the rooftops of an Indian village. The faux iron shutters help complete the illusion. "I always say that the window treatments are the jewelry of the room, they complete a room like a necklace adorns a beautiful dress," said Sperry. "This amazing window was a great opportunity to put my philosophy into practive.

Credits: Designer: Vickie Sperry, Luxe Home Interiors....
Artist and Muralist: Frank Rao, Mellbourne, FL.
Author: Maria Sonnenberg
As if being a professional artist was not a difficult enough job, muralist Frank Rao has added pizzeria and gallery owner to his official title. Rao recently opened Rao's Pizzeria in Palm Bay, but that's another story. The artist, known for his murals at banks, spas, churches and restaurants throughout the Central Florida area, enters another chapter in his career with the gallery he officially opens today in the Eau Gallie district of Melbourne. One of the reasons he opted for the gallery is that he wants to set the record straight about his paintings. "People think I only do murals, but I also ...
Author: Maria Sonnenberg
You may not know it, but if you've lived in Brevard for any length of time and are not a hermit, you have seen Frank Rao's murals. The pictures are everywhere - in banks, spas, churches, restaurants, retirement communities, gambling ships, homes and hospitals - and they are of every thing, from historical scenes and renderings of Florida wildlife to dreamy landscapes of mythical lands. Rao paints rapidly, typically knocking out an 8-by-10 wall in a day, and he's very popular, so it's no wonder so many Rao murals are out there...
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Written by Betty Kossick
..."The ambiance of the good old days returns to Zephyrhills at Westbrooke Manor through the brushstrokes of muralist, Frank Rao. The excitement fills the halls as residents find delight in observing Rao turn ordinary walls into scenes of early America"...
Written by Sarah Langbein
..."The residents at Eastbrooke Gardens in Casselberry may never be able to leave the confines of their assisted-living center, which cares for patients with memory loss. But worry not, they have their own oasis inside -- a global adventure painted on the walls. There's a French cafe, with vibrant shuttered windows, blooming flowers, the Eiffel Tower and people roaming the streets. Down the hall, residents can watch the ocean unfold while seagulls fly through the skies and palms flap in the breeze."...